Nabill Elmeskini is a local tour guide in Skoura Ahl El Oust, Morocco speaking العربية (native), English, French

Nabill Elmeskini
First visit: 10 November 2023
Last visit: 11 November 2023
Skoura Ahl El Oust, Morocco
العربية (native), English, French,
since 2018
As a local guide in Skoura Oasis, I offer a unique experience that includes exploring the historic Amridile Kasbah, delving into the intricate irrigation system that sustains this oasis, witnessing a captivating poetry demonstration, and providing insights into the rich and vibrant lifestyle embraced by the oasis community. Join me for a journey that unveils the cultural tapestry of Skoura
Greetings! I'm a multilingual local guide based in Skoura Oasis, fluent in English, French, and Arabic, with a growing proficiency in Spanish. My days are filled with the enchantment of this oasis as I guide visitors through its hidden gems. When I'm not narrating tales of the palm groves in different languages, you might find me diving into cool oasis pools, galloping through the serene landscapes on horseback, or simply unwinding to the rhythm of my favorite tunes. Join me on a journey where language and leisure converge in the heart of Skoura.

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