Nehad Benzeghiba is a local tour guide in Sidi M'Hamed, Algeria, who speaks English (native), French, العربية

Nehad Benzeghiba
First visit: 19 May 2019
Last visit: 19 March 2023
Sidi M'Hamed, Algeria
English (native), French, العربية
since 2012
I am an archeologist I'm working as a tour guide since 2011 and I love to show tourist the hidden beauty of my country, I worked with more than 28 different nationalities, taking a tourist to visit my country is showing all the sides cultural, archeological, history, traditions, gastronomy, traditional clothes and costumes, and of course meeting local people, my first aim always showing what it is good in my country and giving the best experience and adventure, I give tours in more than 30 different cities as there are 48 provinces in Algeria, we have many kinds of tours even for hiking and camping,our country is a continent ,so discover the world in one country.
I am an archeologist and an active person ,love history and culture and exploring and discovering ,bieng guide helps me alot to share my knowledge with people around me .

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