Parnian Abedifard is a local tour guide in Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran speaking پارسی (native), English, French

Parnian Abedifard
First visit: 16 March 2024
Last visit: 05 April 2024
Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran
پارسی (native), English, French
since 2018
I'm Parnian, ' I'm not just exploring Iran; we're unlocking the secrets of vibrant culture, indulging in epic adventures, and redefining what it means to chase dreams. I offer tour guiding services around Iran.
You know, she’s the real deal—The Magnificent Parni. She’s got the lowdown on everything and anything, and she’s itching to share her passion with you. Life’s too short, right? Well, she’s all about adding extra days to the mix! Dedication? She’s practically made it her middle name. With tourism running through her veins, she’s ready to give it her all and then some. You ready for an adventure of a lifetime? She’s got you covered!

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