Primoz Zgajnar is a local tour guide in Ljubljana, Slovenia speaking Slovenski (native), Deutsch, English

Primoz Zgajnar
First visit: 11 March 2021
Last visit: 05 January 2022
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Slovenski (native), Deutsch, English,
since 2015
The very essence of my tours are diverse and authentic experiences in Ljubljana and all around Slovenia. Exploring nature: mountains, coast, Karst with caves, stalactites and stalagmites and virgin forests, Pannonian lowland, tracking animals such as brown bear, Theme trips: beekeeping, honey and api turism, wine tours, meet locals at their home, photo tours and food tours. Experience why Slovenia is paradise for foodies. Adventures: skiing, swimming in lakes and sea, with all snow and water activities, Adrenaline experiences: I call them ultimate experiences: paragliding, rafting, canyoning, ziplining, mountain biking…… must-see and city tours where every day stories weav with history, architecure and stunning landscapes,
Hi there world!
Born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia I was given the name Primoz in 1971. I have studied marketing at Faculty of economics, University of Ljubljana. Ever since 2015 I have been working as licensed tour guide in SLOVENIA. Not as many others, I have started to travel only after my study, together with my family. We have travelled across the Africa and South America. As a passionate traveller I understand what it means to deliver unique experience and to conjure up local traditions at the same time. As a hobby photographer I´ll help you make some unique photos during my trours. I am also passionate story teller, thrilled with our country SLOVENIA. I am looking forward to reveal them to you through eyes of locals.

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