Ramesh Dulal is a local tour guide in Kathmandu, Nepal speaking English (native), हिन्दी

Ramesh Dulal
First visit: 08 January 2024
Last visit: 11 April 2024
Kathmandu, Nepal
English (native), हिन्दी
since 2008
trekking, tour, sightseeing
Namaste! My name is Ramesh Dulal and I am from eastern part of Nepal, and currently working and living in Kathmandu. I have long time experience working in different fields within tourism since 2009, and also guiding fellow travelers to show the cultural, historical, natural and psychological aspects of people and country.

I have completed the tourist guide training and am government registered licensed guide, and would do my best to provide interesting and true information to give you an idea why Kathmandu is known as City of Temples and the local practices of poeople. Looking forward to meet some curious travelers and share any kind of conversation to engage which would help us to learn something new every time. Thank you:

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