Ranjeet Kumar is a local tour guide in Agra and the surrounding area

Ranjeet Kumar
First visit: 09 November 2018
Last visit: 10 November 2018
Agra, India
हिन्दी (native), English, Español,
since 2008
I'm a professional tour guide in India,I have been giving tour services to English & Spanish speaking guests (tourists) since a decade,I give India Tours and Taj Mahal Tours in Agra,I always like to share my knowledge in an engaging, illuminating and entertaining way, rather than repeating a list of facts and instructions, being a local tour guide (in Agra) I show my guests hidden and Amazing sites of attractions,I also like to learn and give knowledge of culture of our country.
My name is Ranjeet Kumar, I'm from Agra ( India ),I am an approved Tour Guide in India, and have done Masters Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management, I speak Hindi, English & Spanish language, I have been giving sercives as a tour guide for last 10 years in India, being a tour guide I help my guests(clients) to visit unfamiliar places and show them the hidden and important attractions of my country.
I'm enthusiastic but not so enthusiastic.

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