Robin London is a local tour guide in New York City, United States, who speaks English (native)

Robin London
First visit: 13 February 2019
Last visit: 22 June 2022
New York City, United States of America
English (native),
since 1999
Come experience one of Metro New York City’s real private/public walking tours or private vehicle tours and feel the pulse of the Big Apple first hand. We also cater to your individual requests and can create an itinerary just for you. On our sightseeing tours, you will learn what makes New York the city that never sleeps. Explore with our knowledgeable and passionate guides unique neighborhoods, culture, history, hidden treasures and fun facts. Wake your senses up with the scents, sounds and visual beauty of the city.
I am a 3rd generation native New Yorker and professional licensed NYC tour guide who never gets bored exploring the city I love. I will share with you personal experiences, extensive knowledge and anecdotes of life in the Big Apple and you'll here it all in my native 'New Yawk' accent! Before becoming a professional tour guide, I was a teacher, a comedian and a storyteller. The streets of NYC are my stage and every tour is a new production. I love meeting people from all over the world and sharing my passion of NYC. Having experienced the 60's with the Hippies in Greenwich Village I am truly a free spirit. My favorite pastime is going to all the thrift shops and antique markets NYC offers, and of course eating a "dirty water" NYC hotdog. So come join me as we walk the beat of the city streets of NY.

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