Salah Charfeddine is a local tour guide in Sidi Dhrif and the surrounding area

Salah Charfeddine
First visit: 28 May 2022
Last visit: 28 May 2022
Sidi Dhrif, Tunisia
العربية (native),
since 1987
Hi there I am spécialized now in private tours especially in the international human heritage classified by thé UNESCO in 1979 it is the medina of tunis the médiéval side of this nice city Donc si vous voulez découvrir un international héritage humain déclare par le UNESCO depuis 1979 venez découvrir la medina de Tunis par une marche entre 2 ou 3 heures La zona medievale di Tunisi e molto intéressante con i suoi palazzi di diverse epoche una moschea la seconda la pou antica e la piu importante in tutto il nord africa venite à fare una viaggio nella storia camminando
I am an experienced national touristic guide certified since 1987 i love my work now i love it better because i have discovered this new way to do it ...private guide with which you feel more free

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