Sogui WADE is a local tour guide in Dakar, Senegal speaking English (native), Español, French

Sogui WADE
First visit: 25 December 2020
Last visit: 08 February 2024
Dakar, Senegal
English (native), Español, French
since 2000
Hi there I am Dakar Senegal ! I am specialised in all the fields of tourism . Ready to answer to your expectations, I provide tours ( half day ,full day or multidays )
Just to say extremely fortunate to work as a English speaking tour guide .Taking about my credentials ,I am a veteran in senegalese tourism ,with more than 20 years of practice. Why me and not the others ? . First my English is excellent ,am very knowledgeable .Join my tours ,and never you will be disappointed ,because my services are based on professionnalism and qualities.
Your satisfaction is number priority

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