Sourav Taran is a local tour guide in Kolkata, India speaking English (native)

Sourav Taran
First visit: 30 March 2023
Last visit: 01 April 2023
Kolkata, India
English (native),
since 2014
Hi, I'm a specialist in Bengal, North East, Odisha, Andaman Tribal Tours. My company name is Ryask Tourism.
Welcome to Ryask Tourism, a community-based tourism service provider that offers unique and authentic travel experiences. Our mission is to promote sustainable tourism practices that benefit local communities and protect natural resources.

We work closely with local communities to develop tourism products that showcase their culture, traditions, and way of life. Our tours are designed to give travelers an immersive and authentic experience, allowing them to connect with the local people and learn about their customs and beliefs.

Ryask Tourism is recognised by Ministry Of Tourism, Govt Of India

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