Tina Vukasovic is a local tour guide in Split, Croatia, who speaks Hrvatski (native), English, Italiano

Tina Vukasovic
First visit: 17 May 2016
Last visit: 23 June 2019
Split, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), English, Italiano
since 2013
Split Old Town, Salona, Trogir, museums, galleries, archeological sites, Spalato, musei, la citta\\\\\\\' di Spalato, wine-tasting tours, sport tours
I have been involved in tourism since the age of 16. At first I worked as a bookie for tours for a local company in Split. I found it surprisingly easy talking to people. After a while I decided that I would like to upgrade my career to a local tour guide. I believe this to have been my best decision so far. Showing guests from around the globe the beauties that my hometown has to offer is a very rewarding experience. I have done quite a lot of tours in several cities such as Split, Trogir or Salona, just to mention the most popular ones. Additionally, I have worked as a freelancer for many local companies doing both big groups, and what I prefer personally, individuals or smaller parties. I believe my three strongest assets to be my command of the English language, my knowledge of the local art and history, as well as everyday life, my personal approach to the way I handle my tours, thus giving all of my guests a very clear picture of how life was and still is in my home town.

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