Twesige Dan is a local tour guide in Entebbe City, Uganda speaking English (native), French

Twesige Dan
First visit: 13 December 2022
Last visit: 14 December 2022
Entebbe City, Uganda
English (native), French
since 2010
I offer exceptional safaris that create everlasting memories and stories for guests which include gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, wildlife safari, bird watching, mountain hiking, community tour, and more. Just book, and start your adventure.
Hello! I am Dan a travel enthusiastic and experienced Tour Guide welcoming you to taste the local delicacies and witness the beauty of the Pearl of Africa Uganda, eager to make all of your travel dreams come true and transform your tour stay as a visitor into long-term friendships!

I am committed to bringing customers the same appreciation and enjoyment of living in harmony with nature, cultures, and the environment that those founders of Africa enjoyed.
My love for nature, interacting and learning from new friends around the world called me into tourism, which I have been yawning for and which I would call now a "home or culture".

All being said! I am adapted to planning all aspects of travel, stay, and holiday and am wholly committed to achieving 100% client satisfaction. African-born and culturally enriched, with a proven track record of communicating well. Bringing forth the ability to research and plan customized and organized memorable trips, perfectly tailored to meet the needs and desires of clients.

I will work tirelessly to ensure that your tour is affordable and safe while maintaining respect for the native peoples and the wildlife we encounter. I am deeply committed to maintaining the natural environment in which we all live.

Let me be your African guide. Make memories and stories back home.
You are all invited!

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