Private tour guide in Antalya who speaks Türkçe (native), English - Uraz Nehir

Uraz Nehir
First visit: 20 January 2019
Last visit: 03 April 2022
Antalya, Turkey
Türkçe (native), English
since 2006
Specialised at organising and leading Tailor/Custom Made Tours *Cappadocia *Antalya *South East Turkey *Ankara & Çorum *Lycian Way *Kackar Mountains *Karian Way *Aladağlar (Central Taurus Mountains) *Ararat Mountain
Guiding since 2006 all around Turkey and working as a tour leader at 22 different countries in Asia, America and Africa. In our tour, you’ll eat, drink, sail, swim, snorkel, trek, paraglide and dance on your toes across Turkey’s beautiful sites all under our watchful eye. And you’ll know a gözleme from a pide, an Efes from a Tuborg, a nice story from hard fact, how to chill out and hangout, the difference between an ancient road and tarmac. Everything will be illuminated, energised, exaggerated, eliminated and enthralled with our stories and hospitality. All you may ask for; clear skies, warm temperatures and cool breezes, we guarantee you’ll have them with a nice smile on our faces.

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