Vladana Gajic is a local tour guide in Grad Rovinj, Croatia speaking Hrvatski (native), English, Español, French, Italiano

Vladana Gajic
First visit: 05 October 2016
Last visit: 16 May 2024
Grad Rovinj, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), English, Español, French, Italiano
since 2015
An experience that will surely leave a mark on the memories of Croatia and Istria. With a rich and diverse history, art and unspoiled natural beauties Croatia also offers divine wines, olive oil and aphrodisiac called truffles.
After 16 years of living in different countries, the call of my Istria and Croatia was stronger and more powerful than all the blessings of the world. Every morning when I wake up and there is an opportunity to talk about my people, the life that surrounds me, about who we really are, what we did on this long historical path this is actually, Ladies and Gentlemen, my greatest privilege, pleasure and satisfaction. For these reasons I hope to meet you soon and to travel together through Istria, Croatia and our neighbouring country Slovenia. We can do it in English, French, Spanish and Italian language!!!

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