Ye-Min Ko is a local tour guide in Yangon, Myanmar speaking English (native)

Ye-Min Ko
First visit: 19 September 2018
Last visit: 04 April 2024
Yangon, Myanmar
English (native),
since 2015
' Auspicious To you all ' you are warmest welcomed. An English Speaking Tour Guide in Myanmar, based on Yangon.
Good day to everybody, I am called Ye Min licenced tour guide in Myanmar.I have been working over two years experiences with many travel agencies,sometimes with FIT travellers. Myanmar have many tour destinations around the country such as Yangon,known the garden city of the east in Southeast Asian country, always full of Relaxing areas and pleasent places and Mandalay (the hub of culture city or the last kingdom of Myanmar) ,Bagan (the archaeological zone in Asia ,home of Buddhist monuments) , In Lay Lake (attracting with led-rowing in the lake and natural Water village) and MonYwa( situated the hightest Sranding and reclaiming Buddha). Everything you see will make you amazing joying the Myanmar local life style of people.I hope you will like it.

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