Yiannis Kotzianoglou is a local tour guide in Rethymno and the surrounding area

Yiannis Kotzianoglou
First visit: 30 March 2018
Last visit: 19 December 2018
Rethymno, Greece
Ελληνικά (native), English, French
since 1980
Cultural Tours (Archaeological, historical sites and Museums) Special interests tours (Birding, Botanic and Photography Tours) Unique and intimate wine and food touring throughout Crete and Greek islands
I began my career in tourism 35 years ago, immediately after graduating from the Higher Education School of professional Tour Guides of Greece.
I had the opportunity to experience both the contact with clients and at the same time the evolution of the newly-born Greek travel industry.
Gaining my initial experience in the field in 1982 with a specialized incoming travel agency named Talos Tours, based in Crete. For the next twelve years I successfully represented and provided services for many European travel and tourism companies.
Relocating to Brussels I subsequently diversified into tour operating which, from 1992 to 2000 enabled me to accrue extensive knowledge and experience along with personal/business contacts within the field of European and world travel and tourism.
On my return to Crete I decided to utilize my combined accumulated experience within the Greek market as niche Touroperator (special interests programs),

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