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Local Tour Guides in Slovenia: Private Tours and Excursions

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
Slovenski (native), Deutsch, English, Español, Hrvatski
Excursions in English. Excursiones en Espanol. Besichtigungen auf Deutsch....

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Slovenski (native), Deutsch, English
The very essence of my tours are diverse and authentic experiences in Ljubljana and all around Slovenia. Exploring nature: mountains, coast, Karst with caves, stalactites and stalagmites and virgin forests, Pannonian lowland, tracking animals such as brown bear, Theme trips: beekeeping, honey and api turism, wine tours, meet locals at their home, photo tours and food tours. Experience why Slovenia...

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Slovenski (native), English, Italiano
As a certified Ljubljana guide and a guide with a licence for guiding in Slovenia I do my job with great passion and joy. What I love the most about my job is that I can take visitors from across the globe around my beloved city. Originally from Ljubljana I can offer some facts and stories about everyday life of...

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Slovenski (native), Bosanski , English, Hrvatski, Srpski

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Slovak (native), English, Español
inbound tourism - I guide around Slovenia which is my native country in Englis & Spanish language. I can organize accommodation, tickets, transport for individuals, businessmen, groups, families....

Jesenice, Slovenia
Slovenski (native), Bosanski , Deutsch, English, Hrvatski, Srpski
I\'m offering you a unique local experience of Slovenia\'s cultural heritage and natural treasures, spending time with locals and visiting the hidden corners of our country....